Emmanuel–An Alternative



  • Liturgical and Charismatic – Emmanuel Fellowship is an Anglican Church within the Anglican Diocese of the South. ADOTS and the Anglican Church in North America is very open to the charismatic expression in worship and ministry. Our services are guided – not ruled – by The Book of Common Prayer. We strive to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and recognize His direction at all times during the service.
  • Restoring the Concept of “Sanctuary” – Come and rest and feel at home and at peace in the presence of God. He longs to meet with us, to comfort and restore us as welcome Him and wait upon Him in His sanctuary.
  • Saturday Evening Services – Many people do not have the opportunity to attend Sunday services or  may simply want to have a real day off from their busy lives. We feel God has called Emmanuel Fellowship to help meet those needs.
  • Fr Mitch Baker  and Ron Gilbert

    Fr Mitch Baker
    and Ron Gilbert

    Relationship Based – Our goal is to encourage the strengthening of relationships: relationship with our heavenly Father, relationships with fellow Christians and relationships with non-believers.

  •  Weekly Food and Fellowship – In order to help build relationships within our local body, we have a time of food and fellowship after every Saturday evening service. It is an enjoyable time of conversation, laughter and relaxation.
  • Casual Dress – We encourage people to come and worship with us “just as they are.” It is our hope that no one would ever feel they could not attend a service because they were not dressed well enough or did not have clothing that they felt would be appropriate.
  • Community Awareness – We seek to be aware of needs in our local community and in the world around us. We may be small in number, however, we consistently contribute to the Caring Place, to missions projects lead by Keith Street Ministries as well as international agencies.